August 29, 2009

After 21 Years Alive - 29th August Change Everything Every Year!

29th August 2009.
It's my 22nd Birthday.
Yup, after 21 years alive in this world, thanks to Allah because he still give me the chance to breathe in this beautiful world.

I was born on a Saturday and since my birthday...
I've been living for 21 years
I've been living for 264 months
I've been living for 1,147 weeks
I've been living for 8,034 days
I've been living for 192,836 hours
I've been living for 11,570,190 minutes
I've been living for 694,211,442 seconds
I've breathed more than 110,000,088 times!
I've blinked my eyes more than 116,600,088 times!
My heart has beaten more than 809,913,300 times!

Why I post it today?
Everything will not be the same anymore tomorrow.

Zara : Still waiting for tomorrow. My Yahoo! account been hacked, so please contact me by using my Gmail address. Thanks fellas!

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9 사랑해 Kisses From You:

zamspotte said...

happy belated besday Zara... hopefully, all of the best around you this 22...

Luth Textile said...

awal lg la syg

Luth Textile said...

awal lg la syg

GiGGLe GaL said...

ha.. aku da agak da...
apsal ko tekangkang atas rumput tu dik... klu nampak dek makcikrambutanmaghrib tu..abes ko jadik lauk direncahnya nnt..ekeke..

erm.. aku tak mo ucap dulu.. sbb blum lagi.. hadiah ko aku utang dulu ye..

KhairiL's said...

happy besday zara :)

Da' daffodil D said...

thanks to ur mom cos 21 yrs ago she gave birth to such a great fren of mine. happy birthday zara!

BuDakHutaN said...

happy Besday Che Zara :)

kenwooi said...

happy belated birthday =D

One Other ... said...

TAHNIAH ZARA! hehe... belated sikit.

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