July 30, 2009

The Colors Of Me Recently...

I found some happiness out of blue.
Seriously, I think that I need to have the real ecstasy of life.
I miss the real me behind all the scenes.

Currently, I do listen to "Il Avaits Les Mots" by Sheryfa Luna and also "Rescue" by KAT-TUN.

Totally two great songs.
Some of the lyrics that I love in Rescue...

Ya’ll ready? Listen up!
I’m not scared,
Until my heartbeat’s gone,
I’ll rescue you.

I don’t wanna cry alone
I don’t wanna cry alone

We’ll survive

I don’t wanna cry alone
Help me out Search my light
Please take me back home

I don’t wanna cry alone
Into blaze Lost in maze
Someone call my name

Yeah, I don't wanna cry alone anymore.
Hey, can a soccer field turn to a flower garden? I wonder...

5 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Anonymous said...

ko tabur taik ayam.

confirm naik bunga taik ayam pastu.


HEMY said...

tak penah dengar lak lagu yg ko sebutkan ni...hehehehe

asalkan ko hepi..aku pn hepi..ehehe

LuVidA^^ said...

i don wan to cry alone anymore..

Princess Liyana said...

alaahai..jgn nnagis2..

BuDakHutaN said...

it's u ka tu zara? mcm luna pun ada gak... ahaks... have a nice day...

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