October 16, 2008

Jay Chou : Capricorn - My Favourite

My life turned to be pretty hectic and busy,
well, I'm busy for the whole year.

But, since I tried to run from stressed and so on,
I put blogging and listening to music as some of the ways to avoid the
stress that can kill me.

One of my friends that I know recently, Shahrizal
gave me a bunch of Jay Chou's albums,
I mean, the copies of the songs!

...and CAPRICORN is one of Jay Chou's album that I love!
I kept listening the songs when I doing my assignments,
thesis and so on.

Thanks a lot Shah for your kindness!

Some info about the album:
[I listen to them now!]

Album : 魔杰座 (Capricorn)
Artist : 周杰伦 (Jay Chou)

(Track List) :

  1. 龍戰騎士 Dragon Knight (Lóng Zhàn Qí Shì)
  2. 給我一首歌的時間 Give Me A Song's Time (Gěi Wǒ Yì Shǒu Gē De Shí Jiān)
  3. 蛇舞 Snake Dance (Shé Wŭ)
  4. 花海 Flower Ocean (Huā Hăi)
  5. 魔術先生 Mr. Magic (Mó Shù Xiān Sheng)
  6. 說好的幸福呢 Where is the Promised Happiness (Shuō Hăo De Xìng Fú Ne)
  7. 蘭亭序 Orchid Pavilion (Lán Tíng Xù)
  8. 流浪詩人 Wandering Poet (Líu Làng Shī Rén)
  9. 時光機 Time Machine (Shí Guāng Jī)
  10. 喬克叔叔 Uncle Joker (Qiáo Kè Shū Shū)
  11. 稻香 Rice Aroma (Dào Xiāng)
I retrieved those from Wikipedia.

Thanks to AKIRA for helped me in improving this post!
[AKIRA - I hope the list is the right one]

Well, whether I don't know what the songs are all about,
but, I found that I'm happy while listen to them!

8 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Akira 思胜 said...

I love Jay's songs too!

But the names of the songs are wrong, can you check for the correct version?

ZARA said...

Akira 思胜:


We love him!


Which one ya?

The Mandarin or the English title?

Akira 思胜 said...

Yup, the names are correct!

ZARA said...

Akira 思胜 :


Thanks a lot Akira-san!

salingPUSA said...

is the one playing a sample of Jay Chou's songs?----

---i=hmmmmm.it says there MALAYSIAN ARTIST FOR UNITY. maybe not. their voices are good though. quality voice. I'm just curious about jay Chou though. Hope you can let us listen to it one time okay. thanks

Chobits said...

Dearest Zara,

Wow, you like Jay too! Haha~ ^^
Hope his songs can really help you to reduce your stress. Jay rocks!
Just try your very best, if you are tire then rest don't force yourself ya. =) *Hugs*


ZARA said...


the first song in my list is "HERE IN MY HOME" by MALAYSIAN ARTISTE FOR UNITY...

I can tell you that the song is really awesome, in fact, I kept listening to it everyday~

Jay Chou's songs are in the tracks as well. Maybe not from this album, but he has a good voice and really talented.

ZARA said...


Hi Chobits darling!


You came here at last!

I miss u so much dear...T_T


I love him too~

Hehehe...Yeah, hope the songs will helped me to reduce my tension...

Love ya Chobits!

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