September 8, 2008

Tired, Success and Busy

Tired day...
Woke up at 4.30 a.m. for my pre-meal,
and started typed and read more for my thesis.
Too tired.

Took my shower,
performed Subuh prayer,
and typed more.

Had Linear Algebra class.
Today we learnt about Basis and Dimension in
Vector Space.
I need more exercises...
Gambatte to me!
The test will be on 20th September 2008.
A lot to cover for that test - will carry 25% marks.

::The serious part of me::
[I love those colors combination]
[it matched my Bunny shoe]

::Foo and Zara::
[We never failed in the color combination]

...and Yeah, at last, the Physical Chemistry assignment
had been succeed in the compilation parts.

...already met my thesis supervisor, my Chapter 1 and 3 were
at him now, and my questions set, I need to fix more.

Will run for it!
But now, if you please excuse me,
I need to study for my Material Chemistry test tomorrow.

Wish me luck darling!

::I missed this kind of job so much::
[My last practical teaching was so fun]

End of Story.

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:


Foo and you always wearing complimentary color...aiyo!!!

ZARA said...


That's our favorite lolz...

Bridge Schmidt said...

Goodluck on your test Zara. What is the title of your thesis? That would give me a hint what it is all about.

Your study habit is different from mine. I normally sleep very late at night and wakes up one hour before my class. You review early in the morning (Opposite). Anyway goodluck again dear =)

ZARA said...


Hi darling!
Thanks for the wishes!
My thesis basically on problem solving in chemistry...T_T

Usually I slept at 12 or 1 a.m. and woke up back at 5 a.m. [Malaysia's time].

It's kind of my routine here.

I miss you so much darling!

LZ said...

You can always find fun out of anything. When studying also can have so much fun! Love of optimistic thinking!! XD

All the best for your test Zara dear! ;) Am sure you can perform to your best!

ZARA said...


Thanks a lot darling!
Hope I can do well too~

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