September 20, 2008

Pain, Test and Laundry

The time was running out!
I'm too tired.
Less than two hours, I need to answer all the Linear Algebra's questions.

Felt a bit dizzy now.
Calling and shout for help.

::The Pain That I Gained::

::You can see that My Baby Sean's wallpaper::
My Dynamic Team Members!
...and Uppa's photo as well...

To reduce my stress a bit, I decided to do laundry while I revised
all of the notes and exercises!

Since my thumb was still hurt and bleeding (its already 5 days),
I need to use washing machine.
I'm not lazy okay?

::The Washing Machine at the Ground Floor::

::My laundry bag::

I guess it's not too much, but I do want to wash it.

...something that make me pissed off, why people love to forget to take
their stuffs when it comes to public stuffs...

Opened the washing machine lid, and I saw someone don't take her
stuffs yet. So, I just grabbed them out!

::Luckily she left her laundry basket there::

So, I put my stuffs in that washing machine.

::The Angle of The Washing Machine::

::The Coins Slot::
[We only need MYR 2.00 for this]

....and the detergents that I used...

::Fabric Softener and The Washing Powder::

...and now, I need to wait for it...
It's okay. I can use that time to study...(and post this entry)...

The time!
I need to go first!

By the way, to my friend EZO,
have a nice trip going back home today!
Take care of yourself and be careful on the road my friend!

5 사랑해 Kisses From You:

ezo said...

yes mam...
ezo always drive carefully and safely wherever he go..
poyo je..haha..

tapi kekadang suka jugak nak speed ni..
bosan tengok kiri kanan hutan...huhu..

take care too..
have a nice day~

ZARA said...


Jangan ko speed ezo...
aku kenal dengan polis n JPJ gak...

LZ said...

hey zara thx for following my blog.. :') touched!! hahhh u r so patient to snap down the whole laundry process!

all d best dear for ur exam! dun stress yourself ya, am sure u can do it! =)

ZARA said...

LZ dearie~
Thanks a lot my dear...

a Q r a m said...

isk..jgn la tunjuk gambo sotong2 tu...

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