September 22, 2008

Clinic : My Thumb Bleeding

I went to clinic after I met my thesis supervisor.
My thumb was bleeding again this morning.
Really can't stand with the pain.

I thought that after one week it'll become better,
but hell yeah, become worse.

One of my Skype friend, Pali asked me to go to clinic if I really love
myself and my thumb.

So, I went to the clinic by bus.
My thumb was quite okay at that time.

After registration process,
the nurse asked me to do dressing.
I just relieved.
Nothing wrong with me.

...and she told me, I just need to scan my number again,
so I can take my medicine.
I did so, but the system refused because I didn't meet the doctor.

Lucky because my number was not so far from the current number.
But, i need to re-scan my number.

So, when my turn to meet her,
I went into her room.
She asked to take a look at my thumb.

I let her, she's the doctor LOL.
She did it carefully - to open the bandage.
But, for me, its like this...


After that, I went back to my room.
The weather was too hot, I need some rest I guess.

...and something wrong with me now!

Why I kept sneezing now?!
I've quiz tomorrow!

::The bleeding thumb::
[Already swell]

::The medicine::

Can't wait to eat the medicine!

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

eTomyam said...

then listen to expert advise: eat the medicines after you eat seafood Tomyam.....

ZARA said...


Yeah I will...
Nodded my head...

RieNa.YuMi said...

dun forget to take your medicines okes...dear...

ZARA said...


Thanks a lot darling. Nanti Zara makan LOL...

Pali said...

hahahaha...luckily you go then...

kalo tak,

'turun'lah nilai hantaran anda...

hak hak hak! ;p

ZARA said...


Fuh, yeah...

If not, mau harga saham ku jatuh merudum.


He he he...

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