September 19, 2008

19th Ramadhan's Menu

Too tired today.
The weather is too hot.
Took my shower and study for Linear Algebra Test for tomorrow.

So, today's menu are:


::Fried Mee::

::Keropok Lekor::

::Chicken Kebab::

It's already adhan there.
See you later.
Plus, wish me luck for tomorrow's test!

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

spymama said...

good luck for the test, Zara! have a good weekend. put on a jacket if it's cold. the weather's been erratic lately.

ZARA said...


Thanks a lot for the wishes Mama.
Miss u so much Mama dearie!

LZ said...

zara dear, i wan the keropok lekor!!

ZARA said...


Darling, u want that? Zara will post that to u, virtually~hehehe~
Love u dear!

ezo said...

kebab ayam?

zara, good luck okie..

ZARA said...


Thanks a lot Ezo...
Jemput la makan if tak sahur lagi...

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