August 28, 2008

Special Treats!

Remember when I said that I gave a talk
last night to First Year students?
Ramesh and Midah were also involved,
and I was the third speaker of the night.

Basically, we helped
our previous lecturer, Miss Narina in her Philosophy class.

So, after Physical Chemistry Quiz and
Coordination Chemistry Test today,
we went to the Jusco with her and Miss Hadijah.

Both of them are doing their PhD.
Miss Narina in University of Briston, while
Miss Hadijah in University of Durham.

So, she treated us Pizza Hut!

::The set::

We took Super Supreme and Pepperoni!

And after took our lunch there [we spent about one hour for
eat and chatted], we walked in Jusco.

Ramesh and I just moved around while
Miss Hadijah bought her camera, and M
iss Narina and Midah
looking for clothes etc.

Before they sent us back to our resident college,
Miss Narina treated us again!

[For dessert]

::Chocolate Cornetto McFlurry::
[What's the box behind it?]

::The Eiffel Tower::

Miss Hadijah gave this to us,
as a souvenir because she went to Paris
before she came back to Malaysia last week.

Thanks to both of you, Miss!
Even they said, this kind of their treats
for my birthday tomorrow~

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

a Q r a m said...

syok nye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
x ajak pon ehk!

ZARA said...

Nak kena ajak ek?
Bukan tau hang duduk mana pon bah~

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