August 16, 2008

New Mood New Spirit

Something that I do concern today is the way I am trying to
express myself towards other people.

I am writing a blog.
I try to be as wise as I can.

::My old lovely template::
[I do love it, but I decided to change it]

I love something which is dark.
The blue, white and black make a great combination.
But, I am trying to adapt pink.
As the manifestation towards my good day today.

::My new template::
[I miss my Baby today]

To my Baby:
Why you are not around?
Did I did something wrong to you?
I do miss you and I am still waiting.

8 사랑해 Kisses From You:

♥ bRidgE ♥ said...

Oh Zara, don't worry about your Baby, I'm sure you are loved by whoever your baby is... such a sweet lady like you!

BTW, your new blog lay-out is a bit "rocker style"... ahaha! It's a bit scary, but I do love the design. Did you make this? The sweat pays off.

ZARA said...

Thanks a lot Bridge!
Actually I am celebrating my first anniversary today. Being a single girl. hahaha.

Sounds pathetic I guess but yeah, that's me. I do love rock dear. Linkin Park is one of my favorite ever!

a'an_lemon said... neh lawa arr..stylo gak..ekeke. nseb bek kamu dah tuko..yg td tu cam seram..wpon kamu extreme..xmo la page pon jdik extreme seram ganas..hoho..

ZARA said...

Thanks my baby Ann!
Its not so horror darling...
Just as told you before, its how I express myself!

Love u sis!

_neo_ said...

zara bagik aku komen heheh - laa amik la layout yang macam blog sikit lainkali ..yang ni OK tapi cume nampak macam layout friendter or myspace..tu yang kureng sikit tu..tapi kombination balck and pink tu dah CANTIK!asal ko tak suke pink yer?lalalala aku pun kureng, tapi gurl kalau pakai pink orang kate tantik..lalalala terpanjang plak komeng aku nih..lalalalaa

ZARA said...

nanti orang kata aku girlish sangat...tu yang aku malas aku cilok dari internet...ha3~ arini aku emo!

LimZhi said...

While I'm celebrating my 12th day anniversary being a single girl..huhu..

Nice template! That somehow represents my feelings these days too.

ZARA said...

Your 12th day?
It's okay dear, even u are much younger than me...T_T

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