August 13, 2008

"Blog Twin"

I supposed post this a long time before.
Sorry Lil Bro Nazri.
Sis just too busy manage her life.

Thanks to Kak Zaity who asked me to check his blog.
Kak Zaity became confused because both of us accidentally use the same layout!

I checked it immediately and found this!

Something which make me happy,
he posted something on that and tagged me there.

*Nazri's blog*

*My blog*
[I grabbed this from his previous post]
I can saw someone name there!

3 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Tara Graphic said...

hmmm..let me guess...ME!

ZARA said...


You are right!!!

2000 marks!

aikoaiko said...

oh that's cool. i need to change my blog layout.. can't find one i like, yet.

would you mind doing a new tag of mine? thanks in advance..

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