August 13, 2008

Around Today's Classes

Today's classes?
Only four hours.

First two hours : Oral Communication class.
I love when the lecturer said,
"We will finish our impromptu today".

It means that I can read the notes and enjoyed watching people do it,
since I already done it.

So, let's check what those people talked about in their impromptu.

*My Best Friend*

*My Favorite Person*
[He choose his mother]

[Favorite Item]

[Taught Coordination Chemistry to me while listen to those speeches]

::The audiences::
[They love to be in the camera]
*Left: Ramesh, Jenne, Kak Nor, Yeng, Foo*
*Back : Husband and Wife - Abang Faizal and Kak Wanie

[Pay full attention]

[Her best friend]

::The Blogging Community::
[Atiqah, Azie, Princess Liyana and Zara]

::A Nice Man::
[He feed a lot of cats]

::Mar and Miah::

::Ann and Zara::
[Ann is my No. 1 blog's fan]

:: Mar, Miah, Ann and Zara::
[The quiz will start baby]

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Tara Graphic said...

Hmm...nice man...

ZARA said...


The uncle?

Yeah, he was

A t i Q a h said...

hoi..brape kali update sehari ni. hahahaha.

ZARA said...

Aku biasalah~


Princess Liyana said...

huhu byknyer gmbr:)ahaks!

ZARA said...

Dengan gambar hidup semakin bermakna..

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