July 23, 2008

We Hijacked Her!

From left : Yuyue, Zai, Nana (we hijacked her), Ann, Gee, Zara, Ila (stand), and Midah (front)

This photo was taken in Meranti's cafe.

The environment too busy - Yeah!
We just ignored those things.

P/S: Nana, thanks for that delicious rambutan. It was really nice and sweet. Thanks God I called you to our table - we helped you in finished the fruit right?

Love all of you my friends.

Next time, who should I hijacked?

P/S: Thanks to Abidah from 4SPM - she gave a tupperware of banana cake to me! I don't hijacked you Abid - you offered me that.

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Ana Cristina said...

Zara, this looks so delicious. I wish I could eat it right now!!!

ZARA said...

I can bake it...~
U want some?~

Tya ilyana said...

lovely blog indeed.

ZARA said...

thanks for that Tya.

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