July 22, 2008

Ten Reasons To Study Physical Chemistry

10.My apartment makes me feel like a particle in a box

9.My middle name is Schrödinger

8.I can determine the point group of anything

7.I actually found something to use my calculus class for!

6.I’m in a constant state of entropy

5.I’m a quantum mechanic for a molecular machine

4.I’ve always wanted to own one of those “Honk if you passed P-Chem” bumper stickers

3.Thermodynamics is HOT!

2.My kinetics are approximately in a steady state

1.0 is easy, 1 is simple, but 2 is absolutely impossible!!!

*The book that I used - I bought it when I was in my second year*

Well, those things were inside my lecture's note. My lecturer mentioned about those things in his class.

By the way, next week will have Physical Chemistry II quiz.

Wish me luck yeah?

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