July 15, 2008

Black Tears

Some general knowledge ladies!

All of us love to have some make over and so on - don't lie, simply because whether I am a bit rough (really rough I guess), I still love to put some make-up on my face.

So, some basic things - everyone love mascara. Yeah, a lot of brands are in the market. Currently, I used Silky Girl - Lash Prism. Of course, black in color.

The most important girl, the mascara that I used is water proof! That's the basic subject that you must know.

I still remember something. Its on a rainy day. I saw a girl with black tears. (I am a bit conservative at that time). My friends giggled next to me. I ask them why? They said that the girl must be used non-water proof mascara. That's why when she stand in the rainy day, her mascara ran down.

Pity her. I knew how she felt. Its really embarassing - to be in the public like that.

So that, I took that as a reminder to myself - buy a water proof mascara! It will helped me better ( I can feel it now!)

Girls, I bet you want to be like this right?

This is awesome! I wonder when I can do perfectly like this!

This is basically what I am wearing right now - but, I used black. The code number is 01.

So, the choice is in your hand!

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