July 26, 2008

Black and White Cases

Some of my friends asked me why I always took some pictures - and I wear black and white and combination clothes.

Dear friends - thanks for so concern about that particular things.
*big grin*

Yeah, whether blue is my ultimate favorite color, I love white and black too.
*I already mentioned about this in my older post*

So, after they kept mumbling at me - I look so Giordano maybe...

I digging all my photos just now - to make me satisfied whether I am that white-black person.
So, I found those photos below...

*Midah and Zara in the Educational Chemistry Lab*

Common things:
Sweater or jacket

Black ~ Midah
White ~ Zara

*My favorite singer - my coursemate, Foo*

Look what we have here:

White :
Zara's spec
Foo's T-Shirt

Zara's Scarf
Foo's Spec

This one...hurm - all of you can see me in different views ~

My blouse
My handbag
My jeans

My spec
My heel

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

balidreamhome said...

what a coincident tahn I am a maniac with Black White and Blue color, for me Blue is a color that shows your confident at the same time calm and friendly, white is an absolute honesty, and black is firm but also a little bit mysterious :-)

ZARA said...

I just love that 3 combinations so much! Whether the most I love is Blue!
They are just too awesome!

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